Im 24 years old, I studied fitness and sport at Worcester City College where I played in the football academy and through here, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in fitness. After college off I flew to sunny spain for 6 weeks to complete my personal training course with the European Institute of Fitness, learning not only how to train and teach people a healthy and active lifestyle but how to look after myself :)


Within a month of jetting back to the UK, I got myself my first job within the fitness industry in a Personal Training studio. Here I met and trained over 100 great clients all with different abilities and goals, along with some great experiences i built great relationships.


After a year at the studio I had a few options that came my way, turning down many mainstream health clubs and a chance to travel, I decided to become a mobile personal trainer. I felt the chance to be my own boss, be outside rather than stuck in a crowded gym and decide my own fate, was a chance I could not turn down. Since then I have built a great client base helping many people to improve not only their body, but their life.


I have a great passion for fitness, family and my friends and I believe we are only here once and I intend to make the most of it, meeting and helping people change their own lives is a great feeling and one I wish to keep feeling throughout my life.